Python Goal Curriculum

I’ve decided to learn python. Well, at least learn as much as I can in the time it will take to go through all the resources that I’ve found online. But, before I go and do that, I’d like to say that I procrastinate a lot and that is a major problem for achieving my goals. To address this problem I will be documenting my progress throughout the entire process and hopefully I won’t fail.

With that being said, I am going to list all the resources I’ve found online for free that I’ll go through each and everyone of them, I’ll do the assignments and I’ll probably list my solutions to problems, but I might not.

Finally here is my Python curriculum:

  • To get and informal introduction to python I’ll go through  the python track at codeacademy: Learn python the fundamentals through
  • After I finish this track I’ll jump to a more deeper overview of the python language using a free online interactive book: How to think like a computer scientist using python: interactive edition.
  • After I finish go through the above resources, I’ll sign up for an Introduction to computer science using Python at to exercise learned concepts by building a search engine.
  • After that I’ll go back to codeacademy and do more practice track with Python and that are in beta testing for now. I can only access them through the forum.

I won’t be documenting every single thing I do but I’ll do be document as much as possible or about the things that I believe should be documented to keep myself motivated.

I’ll also be updating this blog post if necessary.




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