The Nate’s Letter


Dear Nate,

Awesome roommate and friend!

The unexpected has finally happened; even though it is expected as a function of life, it wasn’t expected to happen within the year 2014, much less at the earliest days of the year. It’s been about 24 hours since I heard of your demise. You were part of me and I will always carry you inside, to me you’re alive.

I wish life’s fundamental questions of reality were certain to me, but in my humble opinion I know that if we were independent from one another, and if the concept of mind is merely a euphemism for the soul, and if consciousness is really what the soul entail, I believe that you are in a better place than ours and I hate to accept your absence and even find it hard to believe the veracity of the story. Nate, rest in peace and may all the sweetest memories of ours continue to live in your heart.

You are a wonderful person Nate. Nice, sweet, and a caring person. Whatever happen to going to Las Vegas, maybe you should have departed without hesitation. I am sorry, I shouldn’t tell you what to do. I just can’t believe it nor accept it. Remember last time I called you and we talked about hanging out and play Call of Duty? You sounded happy and I made you laugh about me wanting to be a D.J. like you — “Haha… you want to be a D.J. Nelson?”.

We talked about girls, we would go to the nearest store and walk back, we would laugh and share our past experiences with girls.

Friend forever and ever! R.I.P. Love, hugs, and happiness.